Add function to manually specific additional merge modules

Oct 6, 2016 at 6:45 AM
In project.json, nuget doesn't add <Reference>'s to the .csproj anymore.
That means that ILMerge build task can't pick it up.
There is also no "Copy Local" configuration for such nuget references.

So if you have a handful of nuget references, and you want to ILMerge a couple, there is currently no way to tell the ILMerge build task to do that.

It would be good if we could specify a file list (ILMergeAdditionalMergedAssemblies maybe) that is incorporated into the task.
Nov 24, 2016 at 6:30 PM
Frankly, I'm not going to spend time or effort on trying to support project.json or anything else beyond 4.5.2 or so. When Microsoft finally makes its mind about where it's going (right now MS is busily walking in circles), I'll think about it, if it's still relevant. After the Silverlight debacle (and deprecated WCF and WPF etc etc) I won't ever think about anything MS that wasn't stable for at least 3 years. If nothing will ever be again (seems like that now), I'll switch to Java - I'm an enterprise developer, not a buzzword-loving script kiddy, after all, I need something that still works and is supportable 10 years from now.

On the topic, if you have to explicitly specify the merge list, why don't just use a post-build step explicitly running ILMerge?